Home Inspections are crucial for buying or selling a home in Waco, Texas

For Waco home buyers, the home inspection is an opportunity to have a licensed professional thoroughly evaluate the home and its components prior to a buyer finalizing their commitment to purchase (offer contingent upon inspection).

An inspection may help to identify issues with wiring, plumbing, water penetration, roofing, foundations, inadequate previous repair, unresponsive built-ins such as microwaves, dishwashers, and heating and cooling units.  While the inspection is not intended to "pass" or "fail" a property, it should help a buyer make a more informed decision on what types of repairs they may need to be prepared to undertake or have evaluated further by licensed professionals.

For sellers in Central Texas, investing in a home inspection prior to listing is an opportunity to learn about your property and identify any items that you may wish to repair or replace before putting your property on the market.  A fundamental awareness on the part of the seller as to what an inspection is likely to turn up can help to prevent an unpleasant surprise down the road once the house is on its contingency phase of the contract.    

Just as important as the home inspection itself is ensuring that you are working with a state-licensed professional home inspector.  While a handful of states do not require home inspectors to hold a license, Texas is not one of them.  Be sure that the inspector you are working with has fulfilled all of the state requirements to perform home inspections, including education under a certified instructor, supervison of inspections, and passing both a national and state licensing examination.  The easiest way to ensure your are working with a licensed inspector is to look for their TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) license number.